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Mini Buzz flirting with Jessie in Small Fry

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I hope we all find that person




who looks at us


the way Kristen Bell


looks at sloths.

This is and will forever be my favorite video of all time

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The Sneaker Creatures of @hazzyboom

To see more of Hazzy Lin’s sneaker art creations, follow @hazzyboom on Instagram

Graphic designer Hazzy Lin (@hazzyboom) is a self-described “sneaker head.” Living in Taipei, Hazzy combines his love for street wear with his talent for illustration to create some of the most imaginative collections of sneaker art on Instagram.

His first sketch of a mutant shoe-creature was a monster inspired by a pair of Nike Air SB Jordans. The response from his followers encouraged him to continue experimenting, leading to more elaborate designs like his Reebok Pump with the face of an attacking dog, the fins of a shark and the body of a high-top.

Hazzy’s success for creating fantastical sneaker transformations has led him to start his own graphic design operation. When he needs a bit of inspiration, Hazzy scrolls through all his favorite Instagram sneaker accounts and keeps an eye on the #sneakerart hashtag.

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Exercising power.Even if you lose.Liberate your right to be.
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This is the hardest picture I’ve seen

Dude that woman does not look like someone to fuck with

pila-pila1+1 = Ed

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